no suicide campaign

“Live...Be Aware, Show You Care”

This is a project which is close to my heart. Years ago I lost a dear friend to suicide and since that day I’ve seen many succumb through desperation to killing themselves. In our community it's almost taboo to discuss mental illness or the idea of one feeling inadequate, insignificant or alone. I vowed years ago as an artist that I would raise awareness by putting pen to paper and voice to microphone to inspire potential victims through music that they have a choice and that there is hope for the hopeless and love for the lonely. I've had several reach out to me thru Facebook and I have made an agreement with The National Suicide Prevention Center that for every download of my special “No Suicide” project, that I will make a donation to the 501(c)(3) commissary to their participation and dedication. The hard part is raising awareness. I see so many that have a voice and a platform to use it jump on the “No bullying” campaign temporarily as if it's a fad. People are down in spirit and lost. I am in no way a doctor or qualified to treat mental illness though I am licensed to Love others and point them in the right direction. I launched my site and I vowed to continue to do what i can performance-wise and music-wise to actually show I care and not just say it.

Breast Cancer Awareness “Loving Life Campaign”

"Loving Life" which was written for my dear friend Tamara who died of cancer is a song about celebrating life despite circumstances. Thru the entire ordeal she was positive and full of life. Never blaming anyone or feeling sorry for herself. This song was inspired by every person who has fought cancer and despite it all is facing life daily with a smile on their face and positivity in their heart. Let that be a lesson to all of us. My goal is to initiate a campaign of awareness for annual testing whether male or female.


Women Acting In Todays Society (WAITS) is a registered charity established in 1993. WAITS mission is to enable women from diverse communities within the West Midlands to develop themselves and others. WAITS two main areas of work are:-

  • To help women take a positive step forward – supporting women facing issues such as Homelessness, domestic abuse, low-self-esteem, poverty, mental health and offending
  • To ensure women get their voices heard – Supporting women to make a strategic impact by developing relationships with local, regional and national policy makers
  • To provide opportunities for all women – working inclusively with women from diverse educational, social and cultural backgrounds, recognising each person as unique and treating them with respect

The organisation is led by Marcia Lewinson, CHIEF EXECUTIVE W.A.I.T.S

We are delighted that Nicole as agreed to be our Patron. Nicole epitomises the WAITS philosophy of supporting women to have a voice, especially women who have suffered the traumas of abuse.

At WAITS we deliver projects where women can get one to support, e.g. to access services such as legal support and financial support. We provide accommodation for women fleeing abuse. We also support women to raise their confidence and self esteem through training. Following one to one support we enable women to have a voice in society by enabling them to raise their concerns to policy makers by arranging meetings conferences and consultations. Visit

In October 2012 Nicole visited our refuge Iona House, spending the evening with the residents who are homeless having fled from abuse. She inspired us with her story and determination spending time with individual residents so she could speak to them on a one to one basis. Giving them support and encouragement.

Following the visit to Iona House, Nicole was the headline act at our fundraising evening, which raised £1,500 towards Iona House.

With Nicole Flying the flag for WAITS, We hope to reach out to more women, giving them the opportunity to change their lives and reach their full potential.

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